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Nature Trips
Rio Dulce Cliffs
Why not try going for a hike around Siguenza

Sigüenza to Pelegrina through the gall oak forest

This route allows you to get from Sigüenza to the heart of the Park in Pelegrina. 


Gollorio Waterfall Route

For the more experienced and prepared, for whom the La Hoz de Pelegrina Route falls short, it is possible to extend it with this path that includes a climb to the Gollorio Waterfall, to then descend towards the river gorge again.


Hoz De Pelegrina

This circular route reveals the most abrupt place in the Park, the Hoz de Pelegrina, with its needles, towers, enchanted cities, stone arches, waterfalls, etc. 


Route of Aragosa-La Cabrera-Pelegrina

This linear route allows you to travel through most of the Park along a path that runs along the Dulce River. It begins in the peaceful town of Aragosa along a track that runs along the left bank of the river to La Cabrera (upstream), crossing the Aragosa Canyon and the Portacho Strait. 

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