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Hoz De Pelegrina

This circular route reveals the most abrupt place in the Park, the Hoz de Pelegrina, with its needles, towers, enchanted cities, stone arches, waterfalls, etc. It begins in the picturesque town of Pelegrina, it is recommended to visit its Romanesque church and castle, where we will take the track that descends from the town to the river, continuing along the shore for 1.5 km to the booth where Félix Rodriguez de la Fuente kept the filming equipment. From then on it becomes a path that after 2 km crosses the river over some stone steps (in times of strong flooding we will have to turn around).

The return by the other bank is made by a more abrupt path until the wooden bridge that connects with the initial track.

At this point we could link up with the Ruta del Gollorio.

The Facts

Distance: 3.7 km.

Approximate duration: 1-2 hours round trip

Difficulty: low-medium, being a flat route with a single ascent to Pelegrina.

Signage: wooden beacons.

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