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Gollorio Waterfall Route

For the more experienced and prepared, for whom the La Hoz de Pelegrina Route falls short, it is possible to extend it with this path that includes a climb to the Gollorio Waterfall, to then descend towards the river gorge again.

It coincides in part with the classic Hoz de Pelegrina described, and can start not only from the town of Pelegrina, but also from the GU-118 road. If we start from Pelegrina towards the river, after 800 meters we find a wooden bridge that crosses it. Once we cross the river, for 100 meters the section coincides with the turn of the Hoz route. At this point, we leave the river bank to ascend the GR-10 to the top of the moorland. Once at the top, in the cattle herd, we take the path to the left that runs parallel to the cliffs, until we reach the viewpoint of the Gollorio Waterfall, which we can enjoy especially in the rainy season. We cross over the stream of the waterfall through some stone steps, arriving at another viewpoint that offers us a panoramic view of the entire valley.

The Facts

Distance: 5.7 km. + 1.4 km. round trip of the branch (7.1 km.)

Approximate duration: 2-3 hours including Ramal (Circular route).

Difficulty: Low-medium.

Risk indication: For long stretches, the path runs close to the ravine, without lateral protection. Do not lean out of the escarpment. The firm ground is irregular, with loose stones and a slope. Wear suitable footwear.

Signposting: Wooden beacons. It partially coincides with the GR-10, the Camino del Cid and the Hoz de Pelegrina Route, red and white wooden beacons on the GR and the Camino del Cid signposting.

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