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Route of Aragosa-La Cabrera-Pelegrina

This linear route allows you to travel through most of the Park along a path that runs along the Dulce River. It begins in the peaceful town of Aragosa along a track that runs along the left bank of the river to La Cabrera (upstream), crossing the Aragosa Canyon and the Portacho Strait. In La Cabrera (where we can see its Abandoned Meander by turning off to the car park at the entrance to the town), we cross the river by a stone bridge, to head along the right bank to the Strait of La Cabrera. Here, we cross to the left bank by a wooden bridge to continue along the fertile plain to Pelegrina. If you have the strength left, you can link up with the Hoz de Pelegrina route.

The Facts

Distance: 11 km (7 km from Aragosa to La Cabrera + 4 km from La Cabrera to Pelegrina).

Approximate duration: 3-4 hours one way.

Difficulty: low-medium for the duration, being a practically flat terrain.

Signposting: wooden beacons (mostly coincides with the GR-10, indicated by two parallel red and white stripes).

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