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Music for the drive

Some curated playlists we have prepared to accompany you through the journey if you like.

You will need a Spotify account to access them fully.


Easy listening to accompany you on the drive from Madrid

Some relaxed tunes to help you with your journey to the venue, sun shining, blue skies, lovely scenery . 

Enjoy the Drive! 


Getting a feel for the culture

Although Spain is a varied country, flamenco and the guitar are synonymous with Spain. So here are some contemporary takes on the style.


Some old School Soul & Funk

Some old school soul and funk that I remember as it if it was yesterday. 


Sometimes you just want to sing along 

Sometimes the journey gets a bit boring and you just want to sing! so go ahead singalong!


Some Classical 

Some classical that you'll recognise from adverts, films and hearing it generally. I've included some twists in there as well.


Summer Sounds 

Some Summer sounds to make you think of the beach and Mojitos 

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