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Some things to do in Madrid


Madrid Tour 1

This is a tour with  some walking and eating opportunities. There are mainly things to see outdoors

Madrid Tour 2

The focus of this tour is a trip to the Prado museum


Tapa Tours

These are 3 tours of Tapa bars that are are close together and some fun


here are some restaurants the first 4 are excellent for suckling pig.

Botin (Suckling pig) - oldest restaurant in the world : C/Cuchilleros, 17, 28005 Madrid Spain

El Senador (Suckling Pig) : Plaza Marina Espanola 2, 28013 Madrid Spain

Los Galayos (Suckling Pig) : Calle Botoneras 5 Plaza Mayor,1, 28012 Madrid Spain

Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas : Calle Cuchilleros 1, 28005 Madrid Spain

Nimu Barquilla (Looks Good) : Calle Barquillo 40, 28004 Madrid Spain

La Primera (fine dining) : Calle Gran Via 1, 28013 Madrid Spain

Los Montes De Galicia (Top reviews) : Calle Azcona 46, 28028 Madrid Spain

Juana La Loca - La Latina (Good review) : Plaza Puerta de Moros 4 La Latina, 28005 Madrid Spain

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