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Chasing Don Quixote

The Parador de Cuenca is a destination in itself. It is located in a 16th century convent that was built for the Dominican order and is today one of the most representative monuments of the city. It is located in one of the most special places in the city, next to the San Pablo bridge and in front of the Hanging Houses.


I LOVE this place it is bizarre, beautiful, peaceful, enchanting and the only place I know like it in the world. It showcases the power and beauty of the natural world. They also filmed some of Conan the barbarian here.


The Parador de Albacete, located on the wide plains of La Mancha, is the ideal place to disconnect, relax, play golf and cool off in the swimming pool on hot summer afternoons in La Mancha. The building is an estate with wide corridors, terracotta tiled floors, wooden ceilings and spacious gardens that will remind you of the inns described by Miguel de Cervantes in his most universal book "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha".

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How about trying something a bit adventurous one of many things you can do in this beautiful area.

Parador Almagro 167 Arquitectura Exteriores.jpg

The Parador de Almagro is located in the capital of classical Spanish theatre. The building is a former 17th-century convent donated by Jerónimo Dávila de la Cueva as a promise to his young wife Catalina de Sanabria. It was built of brick, rammed earth, stone and wood and finished with Mudejar-style tiling. The sacristy, the chapter house, the staircase and a small cellar are still preserved.

In the heart of the Volcanic Massif of Campo de Calatrava at an altitude between 750 and 850 meters above sea level,  is the Finca Encomienda de Cervera, where you can distinguish the black lands of volcanic origin, the red ones (Almagre) that, according to some historians, give the name of the city of Almagro, and the limestone and rocky areas.

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