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3 Wine Regions

Here are the three paradors and some vinyards that can be visitied for tasting and tours and one spectacular resturant.

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Olite has a beautiful historic quarter made up of cobbled streets, noble stone mansions with their coats of arms, medieval galleries and splendid churches, such as the Church of Santa María Real, inside which the most solemn court ceremonies were held.


Small independent vinyard in Olite worth a vist.

In the low mountains of Navarra, a territory marked by a pronounced orography and little space for cultivation, different Garnacha vineyards that were many years old were abandoned. Among the reasons for their abandonment was the difficulty of accessing them and the low production, something unsustainable for local farmers.

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A palace in the middle of the Álava plain houses the Parador de Argómaniz. It is located on a privileged balcony a few kilometers from the Ullíbarri-Gamboa Natural Park and Mount Gorbea. A quiet place to disconnect and to enjoy nature, also located in a strategic point in the north of Spain. The building from 1712, known as the Larrea palace, is in the Renaissance style and has a history worth knowing.


The history of El Puntido has been going on since 1975, the year in which Guillermo Eguren planted the vineyard that gives its name to the vineyard, as well as to the restaurant, in this bordering area of Rioja Alavesa.

The first vintage of El Puntido wine was in 2001.

Twenty years after that stimulating debut, El Puntido has expanded its fame and is beginning to write a new chapter, combining past, present and future.


Santo Domingo de la Calzada is in the heart of the Way of St. James, making it a perfect destination for rural tourism. It is a jewel on the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela, with special places such as its Cathedral and Plaza de España.

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Since 1870, four generations committed to the exhaustive care of our vineyards and to the elaboration of the wines by the Carbonic Maceration method. More than a century transmitting from parents to children with passion, dedication and a lot of work the love for our vineyards and artisan elaborations.

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