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Simone & Marcos

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Friday to Saturday,
June. 21-22, 2024

Castle of the Bishops of Sigüenza

Pl. del Castillo, s/n, 19250 Sigüenza, Guadalajara, Spain

The Wedding Weekend

Friday, June. 21, to Saturday, June. 22, 2024

Our wedding celebration will take place in the medieval town of Sigüenza north of Madrid in Spain. 

We are delighted to invite you to the celebration of our marriage


Pre-Wedding Party

Friday, June 21

Patio Del Pozo

Tapas, Flamenco Show & Dance Lesson

Food will start at 19:00 and the show will begin at 20:15



Saturday, June. 22

"The Chapel"

Please arrive by 17:30

Entrance is at the back of the courtyard



Saturday, June. 22, 

Patio de las Armas

At 18:30 we will move outside for the reception and photos



Saturday, June. 22,

Patio Del Pozo


At 19:45 we will go to the Patio del Pozo to have dinner and dance 

Our Story

Our Love

We met at college and realised immediately that there was a chemistry and connection between us.

We managed to get together but we were forced apart and we separated, only to reunite more than 20 years later.

It has not been straightforward for us but in the end we got there. This is our chance to share a special occasion with the people that we care about. 

Sharing this occasion is an effort for you guys and that is why we have built this website to hopefully, make this as enjoyable an event as possible.

There will be updates so do visit here regularly

Travel & Stay

You can find details of how to get to the wedding and where to stay (the Parador/Venue). There is also information on the Parador network, maps and even some playlists for your journey

Stay & Play

After coming all the way here, why not make the most of it. Here you will find: local nature tours, restaurants and short driving holidays you can add to your trip if you want.


Wedding Gifts

The greatest gift you can give us is to spend your precious time celebrating this occasion with us and to have an enjoyable experience.


Pre-Wedding : Dress to party and dance flamenco!


Wedding : Cocktail wear, we don't mind just look fabulous 

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